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Wine Tasting, Zakynthian style!- Zakynthos Informer

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

When you think of Zakynthos, you think of beautiful sunsets, clear turquoise seas, and wine…wine?

Yes, you read that correctly. Wine. Many visitors to Zakynthos don’t know that the island is famous for its wine as well as other more common commodities such as olive oil. Zakynthian farmers harvest grapes from vines that grow on the island. These grapes are either turned into wine or (if black grapes) left out to dry to become currants that are then exported. It’s a very popular tradition, and one that goes back hundreds of years to Ancient times, and became very popular during Venetian times.

There’s a fertile plain in Zakynthos that runs from the north of the island all the way down to Laganas bay in the south, and most of the islands wine grapes are grown here, and always have been. Zakynthian grapes produce many different types of wine with very unique tastes, and not only is it exported, it’s also bought by locals, as well as tourists.

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