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The Marine Park of Zakynthos: Where Sea Turtles and Seals Roam Free- Greek Reporter

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The islet of Marathonisi in Laganas Bay, known as “Turtle Island,” is included in the Marine Park of Zakynthos, and it’s known for its characteristic shape and because it is a vital breeding ground for sea turtles, is one of the lesser-known of the many attractions of the Ionian Sea.

The islet, near the larger island of Zakynthos, is located just off Keri Beach, in Laganas Bay.

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Katya Houlis-peppas
Katya Houlis-peppas
31 paź 2022

Best holiday ever....Eora bungalows were spotless. The place is magical.

Must go again!!!

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